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Vehicle types

Vehicle Type A

Documents and small deliveries

Van Type C

Max. 2 europallets
Max. 900 kg
Max. 4,0 m³ volume
Max. 2,0 m length
Max. 1,2m height

Van Type E

Max. 8 europallets
Max. 1.250 kg
Max. 16,0 m³ volume
Max. 4,0 m length
Max. 2 m height
With ramp

Van Type B

Max. 1 europallet
Max. 400 kg
Max. 1,5 m³ volume
Max. 1,4 m length
Max. 0,95m height

Van Type D

Max. 3 europallets
Max. 1.100 kg
Max. 7,0 m³ volume
Max. 2,8 m length
Max. 1,7 m height


Depending on the nature of the goods. Ask for an offer.