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This (inter)national delivery service is the fastest and most reliable way of getting shipments to clients. Vehicle and driver operate exclusively for you, so there’s no risk of loss or damage. National and international service, from small parcels to delivery up to 25 tons.

Order by mail or phone through dispatching. We’ll guarantee a prompt pick-up. For vehicles of type A and B (see vehicle type list), we ensure a pick-up time less than 30 minutes.

When the shipment is loaded, our vehicles immediately take off to their destination. Our seasoned drivers make sure recipients read and sign the transport documents. Additional documents can be handed to our drivers, they’ll make sure they get signed. You’ll receive the documents together with our invoice.

The cost of this service depends on the vehicle type and on the distance in kilometers back-and-forth to destination. More info and prices on our vehicle type list and in the cost calculator.